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Extending the Invitation

Start by reading Luke 12:35-48

This last Sunday, I did something that I’ve never really done before.  I intentionally used original artwork as a part of the service.  But it gets better.   It wasn’t just any artwork, but original preacher artwork.  That’s right. I used all of my limited kindergarten level art ability to draw a couple of things for worship.  Just so you know what it was, it was a small house, and a landscape with a tree and a sun. 
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Angry Bibles – Living the Call

AngryBible-handsStart by reading Micah 6:6-8


The tone of this post may be a little different from my earlier posts, but it is also being written for a local paper that won’t have the previous posts to go along with it.

Last Sunday I just finished a series on anger.  When I started that series one of the first things that we talked about was that God gets angry.  We see this a lot in the Old Testament, but we also see Jesus get angry in the New Testament as well.  Something that we have to realize is that, and accept, is that God does get angry. Continue reading Angry Bibles – Living the Call

Fully Committed

Start by reading Luke 5:1-11 and Matthew 14:22-33

This is going to be the last post on Stewardship.  I know, there are many of you that are excited about that.  That being said, I also want this to be a little bit more fun.

One of the traps that I think we get ourselves into is that we like to treat Stewardship with a lot of weight.  We think, that because its such a serious topic, that we should treat it as such.  It should be serious, and ponderous, and solemn, and “holy,” and full of onerous statements of philosophical certitude (and ain’t that a mouthful).  Continue reading Fully Committed