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Great Cosmic Power

Start by reading Job 38:1-15

So we’re in Job. And Job is a great book, because Job has issues. Of all the people in the bible, I think we’re closer to Job than a lot of other figures because of what he goes through. Job is either upper middle class, by our standards, or lower upper class. We don’t know a lot about Job, so this is my best guess/estimate of what his life is like. He is very comfortable. Through his life, he’s been able to be comfortable , and he’s had the resources to do things right without having to take short-cuts or find alternative means. He’s had to make sacrifices, or at least I’m assuming that he’s had to, but they haven’t been life or death types of sacrifices. Continue reading Great Cosmic Power


More Than Just Cotton Candy

Start by reading John 6:24-35

Do you know what one of the biggest disappointments of the food world is?  Wait for it…..

Cotton Candy

So that’s probably not what you thought I was going to say.  You’d be right about that.  But stop and think about it for a second.  Cotton Candy is very good, but as soon as it hits your mouth, it disappears.  What cruller trick is there to play on someone than to give them sugary goodness, only to have it melt away in your mouth.  Of course, I suppose the trick works, because it keeps us going back for more. Continue reading More Than Just Cotton Candy