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Was that Spicy Pizza or God?

There is question that I get asked on a regular basis…..and, admittedly, its mostly me asking myself this, but it is, “How do I know its God talking?”  I should say, that the way I normally ask this question is just like the title of this post.  The basic intent is, how do I distinguish between God and something else, or between God and myself? Continue reading Was that Spicy Pizza or God?


Coming Back!!

I know its been a while, but (hopefully) this will be the first post in me getting back to writing on a regular basis.  I have to admit that it is something that I’ve missed over the last several months.  Have you ever wondered why this is the best time of year to start something new, or in my case, re-start something?

I think there is a good reason for that, that is only partially because it is the start of a new year.  This is also the time of year when the days are starting to get longer……I know, it’ll still be a couple of more months before we really see that change.  However, it’s still important to know that the change has already started.

Yesterday, I was preaching on John 1:18, and there was one part that I was really paying attention too.

4through the Word was life, and the life was the light for all people. 5The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness doesn’t extinguish the light.
–John 1:4-5

We celebrated the light of the tiny Christ child coming into the world.  This is good news for us, because the light will always find a way to shine, and that’s just what we need.  That being said, it takes some work for us to really understand what the light means, and how we live in response to it.

What we need is time to figure it out.  That’s what makes this time of year so good!  It gives us time.  The light is growing longer as time goes on, and that helps us set a good pace for doing something new.

What I want you to do, is to take a chance.  The light is shining, but we have time to get used to it.  What is it that you’re being called to do?  Each of us has something.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be something “churchy” either.  God doesn’t just use the churchy parts of ourselves to do his will.

What is that thing that you’ve been waiting for the right time to do?  It may be the typical things we see at this time of year: lose weight, manage our finances better, read that stack of books, be a better parent, be a better kid, reconnect with others, etc.  It could also be more churchy or faith related things: pray more, read scripture more, find other ways of serving, increase giving, etc.  All of these things, and more–God uses for his purposes.

Keep in mind that some of God’s purposes are for us.  When the light shines, it doesn’t just shine in certain places, or on certain people. The light also shines on us.  God doesn’t just want more from us, but he also wants more for us as well.  Take some time over the next  few days to see what God wants.

Then find ways of starting small.  You don’t have to start at the end.  We have the time, as the darkness is getting shorter to figure it out.  Take the time, find the way, and see what God is doing.

Having a Real Encounter

Start by reading Matthew 2:1-12 and Ephesians 3:1-12

As I’m writing this, the current outside temperature is -5, and no that’s not the windchill.  That’s the real temperature. Continue reading Having a Real Encounter

Angry Bibles – Living the Call

AngryBible-handsStart by reading Micah 6:6-8


The tone of this post may be a little different from my earlier posts, but it is also being written for a local paper that won’t have the previous posts to go along with it.

Last Sunday I just finished a series on anger.  When I started that series one of the first things that we talked about was that God gets angry.  We see this a lot in the Old Testament, but we also see Jesus get angry in the New Testament as well.  Something that we have to realize is that, and accept, is that God does get angry. Continue reading Angry Bibles – Living the Call

Angry Bibles – Crumbling Walls

Angry-Birds-2Start by reading Ephesians 4:17-32

So we’re on the second post of our discussion of anger. Last time we started off by talking about how God gets angry. That’s okay. It happens. that’s okay. God does in fact does get angry. Is, because we are created in God’s image. we’re going to get angry too. That’s okay. it is a part of who we are. Its not wrong, it’s not a sin. It’s not something to be concealed, or put down, or push away, or kept out of sight out of mind. It is a part of who we are. Now that being said, anger, like anything else, can be bad. It can be used badly it could be purposeless it can be dangerous it could be damaging. It can be hurtful, it could be all those things that we fear the most about it, if we’re not careful. Continue reading Angry Bibles – Crumbling Walls

Angry Bibles – Missing the Mark

Sermon-1Start by reading Psalm 7:1-17 and Mark 3:1-6

So over the course of the next posts we’re going to be hitting an important topic, and one that we don’t deal very well with.  That’s anger.  This is something that we like to talk a lot about, and we like to give impressions that we’re good at dealing with it, but we aren’t.  Just like the title of this post points out, we’re missing the mark.  Rather than really dealing with anger, we cover it in platitudes and trite sayings. Continue reading Angry Bibles – Missing the Mark

The Simple Life: Stay in love with God

Start by reading 1 John 4:11-21

This is the last lesson in this series, and I think its the most important.  When John Wesley was talking about this rule he said to “attend upon all the ordinances of God.”  That may not be an exact quote, but its pretty close.  In his book Rueben Job changes that last rule to something more familiar to us.  For that third rule he says, instead, “stay in love with God.”

I like this statement of it.  There’s not many of us that use words like ordinances in that context on a regular basis.  But love, that makes sense to us. Continue reading The Simple Life: Stay in love with God

The Simple Life: Do all the good you can

Start by reading 3 John 1:9-11 and Romans 12:6-21

So we all know that we’re supposed to do good things, right?  I think that’s probably something that we can all agree on.  What we may disagree on is in the ways that we do those good things.

The other thing is that we work really hard to fit those “good things” into our already busy schedules.  And there’s not anything wrong with that, but that also means we have to figure out why we do good things.  Any time we have to fit something into our schedule, then it means that we have to have a good reason for it.  This is why so often we pass up opportunities to do good because it doesn’t fit with our lives. Continue reading The Simple Life: Do all the good you can

Great Cosmic Power

Start by reading Job 38:1-15

So we’re in Job. And Job is a great book, because Job has issues. Of all the people in the bible, I think we’re closer to Job than a lot of other figures because of what he goes through. Job is either upper middle class, by our standards, or lower upper class. We don’t know a lot about Job, so this is my best guess/estimate of what his life is like. He is very comfortable. Through his life, he’s been able to be comfortable , and he’s had the resources to do things right without having to take short-cuts or find alternative means. He’s had to make sacrifices, or at least I’m assuming that he’s had to, but they haven’t been life or death types of sacrifices. Continue reading Great Cosmic Power

Keeping Up with the Denarius

Start by reading Matthew 20:1-16

I thought, that when I left for church camp a while back, that I had everything ready for the following Sunday, and that all I had to focus on was being at camp, and getting to know a bunch of new kids.

I really should have known better. Continue reading Keeping Up with the Denarius