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Les Mis 1 – Faith and the Law

Start by reading Romans 2:1-1, 12-16; 3:9, 19-26

This series is based on the recent Les Miserable movie. Reading the book helps, but isn’t necessary. If you want to follow along in the movie, watch from the beginning to the point where Valjean rips up his papers.

There are a lot of big themes that come out in this movie. There are so many that it’d be hard to follow all of them, so for this series, I’ll be focusing on one of them. ¬†For me, the most important theme is the role of faith and the law. Continue reading Les Mis 1 – Faith and the Law


Keeping Up with the Denarius

Start by reading Matthew 20:1-16

I thought, that when I left for church camp a while back, that I had everything ready for the following Sunday, and that all I had to focus on was being at camp, and getting to know a bunch of new kids.

I really should have known better. Continue reading Keeping Up with the Denarius