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Jesus was a Foodie

Greeting from the Southwest!!!

I’m off on vacation this week, and I stayed in Amarillo Sunday night before making it out to New Mexico on Monday.  Originally I wanted to say that to make you jealous, but the weather back in Bowling Green is going to be very nice through the next week.  If you’re reading this from one of those places that is a lot colder…then you can be jealous.

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Prayer Who

Today we’re going to hit on a topic that has confounded, confused, and conundreded (it’s a word because I say so) for many, many, many years.  This topic, of course, is prayer.  To often what I hear, when I hear people talking about prayer, is a refrain from one of my favorite TV shows. Continue reading Prayer Who

He wore what?

In case you live under a rock, or if your like me and don’t really care that much, last Sunday night was the Golden Globes.  My thoughts are that Benedict Cumberbatch always has the most fun.  But let’s be honest.  He is one of my favorite actors, but that might be because I have a small addiction to Sherlock.  With these award shows come the inevitable comparisons of what people are wearing.  I’ll let you get into that if you want, but I want to talk about a real fashion faux pas. Continue reading He wore what?

My Story

Start by reading John 8:31-39

Over the next several weeks we’re going to be talking about the mission of the church.  My hope is that we’re going to do this in a different way than it has been done in the past.  We’ll talk about some of the things that we always need to talk about when we talk about the mission of the church, but I want to put everything together in a better way.

By the end of the series, I want us to be able to tell the story of our church, and through the story we help folks to know what our mission is.  That’s a little different, but we’re much better at remembering stories than we are in other things.  If we can tell the story, then I think we can better live our mission. Continue reading My Story

Extending the Invitation

Start by reading Luke 12:35-48

This last Sunday, I did something that I’ve never really done before.  I intentionally used original artwork as a part of the service.  But it gets better.   It wasn’t just any artwork, but original preacher artwork.  That’s right. I used all of my limited kindergarten level art ability to draw a couple of things for worship.  Just so you know what it was, it was a small house, and a landscape with a tree and a sun. 
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Angry Bibles – Missing the Mark

Sermon-1Start by reading Psalm 7:1-17 and Mark 3:1-6

So over the course of the next posts we’re going to be hitting an important topic, and one that we don’t deal very well with.  That’s anger.  This is something that we like to talk a lot about, and we like to give impressions that we’re good at dealing with it, but we aren’t.  Just like the title of this post points out, we’re missing the mark.  Rather than really dealing with anger, we cover it in platitudes and trite sayings. Continue reading Angry Bibles – Missing the Mark

Billy Bob and the Miracles

As you start to read this story, it uses two passages of scripture, Luke 7:11-17 and Mark 2:1-12

You all probably remember me, but just in case you don’t, I’m Billy Bob, the Proprietor, Educator, and Chief Auto-mechanic at Billy Bob’s School of Theology and Auto Parts Store.


Over my many long years, I lived for a little while in this little town of Nain. If you don’t know where it is, its just to the south and east of Nazareth, and to the southwest of Mt. Tabor. Even today it only has about 1600 people in it. Continue reading Billy Bob and the Miracles

The Simple Life: Do no harm

Start by reading Galatians 5:13-15 and Matthew 5:38-48

Another one of my favorite songs is called “Spinning Wheel” by Blood, Sweat, and Tears.  It’s one that I like the sound of, but the lyrics also have a certain message to them.

You can find the lyrics here

One of the main points of the song is about being stuck in a cycle, and trying to get out of it. But being in the cycle is just spinning, and more spinning. Continue reading The Simple Life: Do no harm

The Simple Life: Do all the good you can

Start by reading 3 John 1:9-11 and Romans 12:6-21

So we all know that we’re supposed to do good things, right?  I think that’s probably something that we can all agree on.  What we may disagree on is in the ways that we do those good things.

The other thing is that we work really hard to fit those “good things” into our already busy schedules.  And there’s not anything wrong with that, but that also means we have to figure out why we do good things.  Any time we have to fit something into our schedule, then it means that we have to have a good reason for it.  This is why so often we pass up opportunities to do good because it doesn’t fit with our lives. Continue reading The Simple Life: Do all the good you can

Prophets & Prophecy: Reading for Faith

Start by reading Joshua 1:1-9 and John 8:31-41

Welcome to Lent!  Its a great season isn’t it?  Its a time to prepare for Easter.  Now, you can probably tell from some of my previous posts that I don’t think we do near enough actual preparation.  Actually, I should say we don’t do enough of the right kind of preparation.  Arguably, its the lack of the right kind of preparation that has caused us the most trouble and has led us to the troubles we’re facing.  This is an interesting post about some of the reasons why kids leave the church.  Largely, we’re trying to hard in the wrong areas, and not enough in the right ones.

This season, during Lent I want us to be preparing in the right ways.  Mostly though, I want us to do this by taking a new look at things that we think we know. Continue reading Prophets & Prophecy: Reading for Faith