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Les Mis 3: Valjean – Who am I?

Start by reading Romans 8:1-6, 10:5-13

So we’re getting into the last Sunday of Les Mis. And we’re getting at one of the most important parts of this story. This is the part of the story where Jean Valjean really comes into his own, and he really gets it. This is the point where he risks everything because it is the right thing to do.

Before this, he’s been hiding for a long time.  He had started the journey towards new life with the Bishop, but he wasn’t there yet.  There were still things that were holding him back.  These are things that we all have, hopefully not to the degree that Valjean has, but we still have to deal with them.  In this clip we see Valjean struggle, but he finally deals with things. Continue reading Les Mis 3: Valjean – Who am I?


Les Mis 2: Javert and the Law

Start by reading Romans 7:1-6 and 7:13-26

In this session we’re taking a look at Javert.  We’re continuing in this larger theme of the law and faith that we find running throughout the story of Les Miserables and how that same theme plays out in the book of Romans. One of the things that I love about this story is that he helps us wade through Paul’s dense writing.  I’ll be one of the first to admit that he can be a challenge to read.  A lot of that is because he is trying to explain a very complex, but also personal topic for him.  There are lots of us that are like that.  Our ability to explain things decreases when they get to be more personal because all of the emotions that surround us get in the way.  So, Victor Hugo does a great job of explaining that through his story.

We start off by remembering who it is that we’re talking about in Javert.  He is a lawman.  Not only is he a lawman, but he is someone who holds a very high view of the law.  The law has become his God.  Everything that he does is based on what the law says.  And that makes sense for Javert because of where he came from. The law was what provided the structure he needed in his life. Continue reading Les Mis 2: Javert and the Law

Les Mis 1 – Faith and the Law

Start by reading Romans 2:1-1, 12-16; 3:9, 19-26

This series is based on the recent Les Miserable movie. Reading the book helps, but isn’t necessary. If you want to follow along in the movie, watch from the beginning to the point where Valjean rips up his papers.

There are a lot of big themes that come out in this movie. There are so many that it’d be hard to follow all of them, so for this series, I’ll be focusing on one of them.  For me, the most important theme is the role of faith and the law. Continue reading Les Mis 1 – Faith and the Law