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My Story

Start by reading John 8:31-39

Over the next several weeks we’re going to be talking about the mission of the church.  My hope is that we’re going to do this in a different way than it has been done in the past.  We’ll talk about some of the things that we always need to talk about when we talk about the mission of the church, but I want to put everything together in a better way.

By the end of the series, I want us to be able to tell the story of our church, and through the story we help folks to know what our mission is.  That’s a little different, but we’re much better at remembering stories than we are in other things.  If we can tell the story, then I think we can better live our mission. Continue reading My Story


Extending the Invitation

Start by reading Luke 12:35-48

This last Sunday, I did something that I’ve never really done before.  I intentionally used original artwork as a part of the service.  But it gets better.   It wasn’t just any artwork, but original preacher artwork.  That’s right. I used all of my limited kindergarten level art ability to draw a couple of things for worship.  Just so you know what it was, it was a small house, and a landscape with a tree and a sun. 
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What Drives You?

Start by reading Deuteronomy 4:1-6 and Matthew 25:31-46

These are two great passages, but they present us with a conundrum.  I know, that’s not a word that you’re used to using in everyday conversation (unless you’re me, and like funny sounding words).  Basically, we’re presented with two different ideas that we want to be able to do both, but are unsure of how to do it.

You may be saying to yourself, “what do you mean?”  One the one hand we’re presented with a rule abiding, obedient, lawful faith.  One where everyone agrees to follow one set of rules, and live by any consequences that come because of them. On the other hand, we have Jesus talking about what we do and what we don’t do. That may sound similar to rules, and some look at it as rules, but they aren’t really. Jesus doesn’t mention any rules there, rather its all about what we do just because we are who we are. Continue reading What Drives You?