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Fully Committed

Start by reading Luke 5:1-11 and Matthew 14:22-33

This is going to be the last post on Stewardship.  I know, there are many of you that are excited about that.  That being said, I also want this to be a little bit more fun.

One of the traps that I think we get ourselves into is that we like to treat Stewardship with a lot of weight.  We think, that because its such a serious topic, that we should treat it as such.  It should be serious, and ponderous, and solemn, and “holy,” and full of onerous statements of philosophical certitude (and ain’t that a mouthful).  Continue reading Fully Committed


Questions on Tithing and Our Response

Start by reading Matthew 25:31-46

One of the questions that comes up a lot is about tithing. There’s many times when folks ask questions about tithing and what it might mean for us.

We’re told in the Old Testament that we’re supposed to tithe 10%, and that number pops up all over the Old Testament.

Genesis 14:19-20, 28:22; Leviticus 27:30; Numbers 18:21, 24, 26; Deuteronomy 14:24, 28; 2 Chronicles 31:5-6, 12; Nehemiah 13:12; Malachi 3:8, 10;

Now, there’s something to keep in mind about what we read about in the Old Testament. We do it a grave injustice when we only use it as a rulebook for what we do. Yes, the Old Testament is full of rules to be followed, especially the first five books, but we have to get past that.  If you want to read some more about Tithing, you can find a good article here. Continue reading Questions on Tithing and Our Response

Faith! And yes it helps to write it down

Start by reading Luke 4:14-21 and Luke 9:18-27

So, we’ve been talking about stewardship, and we started off the first week talking about how stewardship does not equal money, but rather its a way of living.

I added this image for added emphasis
I added this image for added emphasis

In the last session we talked about how another large part of stewardship is about respect. And it’s not about our respect for the church, but the churches respect for the gifts that we give. We talked about how in this day and age people want to know that it is that their gifts are going to. Partially its because we have so many more options to send our gifts to, partially its because we have so much more information available so we can make lots of different decisions, and we can so easily send money to the places that need them. But finally, why shouldn’t people know what their gifts are going to? And this is probably the biggest change over previous generations. Folks don’t naturally know, or have a lot of hope in what the church is doing. Continue reading Faith! And yes it helps to write it down

Respect! just a little bit

Start by reading Hebrews 10:19-25 and Romans 12:3-17

Only somewhat jokingly I’ve said that most stewardship programs are like fancy forms of clergy whining. It’s only somewhat because the most common refrain that you hear when you look at what other pastors say about stewardship is that the people in the pews aren’t giving enough, and if they would just give then we wouldn’t be having any problems.  I should also note that this is one of the times when clergy will make a clear distinction between “us” and “them.”  Somehow, this doesn’t sound right to me. Continue reading Respect! just a little bit

Stewardship for a New World

Start by reading Matthew 2:1-12, and Mark 12:41-44

As I’m writing this, we’ve only just started this new year.  Unsurprisingly, this is also a time that’s full of folks wanting to do something new.  We use this time of year to say that we are going to make changes, it’s an opportunity to make the changes that we’ve wanted to make for a while.  For many of us, that means we make a commitment to lose those stubborn 5, 10, 20, or 80 pounds that just seem to hang on.  The trick is to see if we can keep up with these changes over the long term. Continue reading Stewardship for a New World