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Finding a Way

LogoStart by reading Isaiah 2:1-5 and Matthew 24:36-44

Now I want you to imagine a new world.  But this isn’t a world that we often imagine at Christmas. We can get caught up in the snow-covered, pristine back country woodlands and fields, and we begin to lose what that world really might be. For so long we’ve idealized the Norman Rockwell version of Christmas that it’s hard to see might also be possible.

This first Sunday of Advent we lit the candle of Hope. What I want us to find this season is real, genuine hope. Begin to get at this from the song below. It’s from a Christmas album by Jason Gray, and hear the message. Continue reading Finding a Way


Living Compassion

Start by reading Matthew 1:18-25

I’ve gotta admit, I have a lot of respect for Joseph.  He lived in a world very different from ours, with many different expectations.  If you want an idea of what that world looked like, check out this blog.  The world that Jesus was born into was a very different world than what we live in now, or what we often perceive the world to have been back then. Continue reading Living Compassion