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What is Wisdom Doing?

Normally I’d have you start by reading a specific passage of scripture, but for this devotion we’re going to go in a different direction.  I want you to start by watching the short video below, which is a reading of Proverbs 1:20-33.

So I read through this passage, and I’m left with one question.  What is wisdom doing?  There’s an awful lot of mocking and laughing going on, and Wisdom comes from God so it feels like God is mocking us and laughing at us.  On the one hand, you have wisdom, and what’s the smart thing to do. In ancient times wisdom was called Sophia which was Greek for Wisdom, and which is based on a much older tradition of wisdom literature of which the book of Proverbs is a part. So we have Sophia on one side, and she is trying to make herself known, but no one is listening, or if they’re listening, then they’re disregarding what it is that she is saying. Continue reading What is Wisdom Doing?


You’re Afraid of What?

Start by reading Psalm 111

Now, after you’ve read that passage from the book of Psalms, watch the video below

Now I have to admit that this is one of my favorite movies.  Its a lot of fun, but its the premise behind it that makes me laugh a lot.  Just the thought of big hairy, multi-eyeballed, scary monsters being scared of toddlers is funny.  Granted, I know a lot of folk, who have toddlers, that would say that it isn’t funny because its true.  Toddlers are scary!! Continue reading You’re Afraid of What?