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Was that Spicy Pizza or God?

There is question that I get asked on a regular basis…..and, admittedly, its mostly me asking myself this, but it is, “How do I know its God talking?”  I should say, that the way I normally ask this question is just like the title of this post.  The basic intent is, how do I distinguish between God and something else, or between God and myself? Continue reading Was that Spicy Pizza or God?


Angry Bibles – Missing the Mark

Sermon-1Start by reading Psalm 7:1-17 and Mark 3:1-6

So over the course of the next posts we’re going to be hitting an important topic, and one that we don’t deal very well with.  That’s anger.  This is something that we like to talk a lot about, and we like to give impressions that we’re good at dealing with it, but we aren’t.  Just like the title of this post points out, we’re missing the mark.  Rather than really dealing with anger, we cover it in platitudes and trite sayings. Continue reading Angry Bibles – Missing the Mark

Jesus Said What?

Start by reading Mark 7:24-30

So if you read this scripture passage then I wonder if you’re reading it with the same mix of curiosity and incredulity that I do.  This seems very out of character for Jesus.  He makes a very rude comment to a woman who was just coming up to ask him for help.  The thing to know, in case you aren’t sure why what Jesus said was so bad, is that calling someone a dog had the same meaning back then as it does now.  It was not a kind thing.  Continue reading Jesus Said What?