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He wore what?

In case you live under a rock, or if your like me and don’t really care that much, last Sunday night was the Golden Globes.  My thoughts are that Benedict Cumberbatch always has the most fun.  But let’s be honest.  He is one of my favorite actors, but that might be because I have a small addiction to Sherlock.  With these award shows come the inevitable comparisons of what people are wearing.  I’ll let you get into that if you want, but I want to talk about a real fashion faux pas. Continue reading He wore what?


Pentecost: A New Hope

Normally I would have you start by reading a couple of passages  One of them is Acts 2:1-21, and the other is Romans 8:14-21.

That being said, they can wait for a moment.  Instead, I put together a short video getting us up to speed on where we are.

Pentecost is an important time for the church, and it is dependent on so much of the story that comes before it.  I’m also a nerd.  You’ll catch on to that part pretty quick when you watch the video. Continue reading Pentecost: A New Hope

Unsolved Mysteries

Start by reading Isaiah 6:1-8

The end of this passage of scripture has Isaiah saying to God, “send me.”  He has been cleansed and made ready (see the bit about the hot coal), and now he is going forward.  If you read the rest of the passage, you know that what he’s being called to isn’t easy.

Sometimes what God calls us to isn’t easy, isn’t what we expect, and could challenge us in more ways than we can ever comprehend.  This was what Isaiah was being called to. Continue reading Unsolved Mysteries