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Wound Up Jesus

Start by reading Job 42:1-6 and Mark 10:46-52

This devotion is going to start with a couple of reminders.  Next week is All Saint’s Sunday, so please make sure I have the names of folks that we’ll remember that day. Then the other thing is Stump the Preacher. Do invite folks to come. It’ll be a fun day, and I think it’ll be a very interesting for all of us. Now, part of what we’ll be doing on that Sunday is tearing down some of the ways that we think about Worship. There’s going to be more interaction between all of us that day. That’s kind of unusual because you don’t expect to ask questions, or interact a lot during a sermon. But that’s okay to do, and not just on Sunday’s when we do something like Stump the Preacher. If you have a question, ask.  Its okay to do. Now I can’t always promise to have an answer, but knowing the question whether I can answer it or not, helps me prepare and learn more about what types of things i need to focus more on. Remember, that in many of the stories we have in the Gospels happened because people asked questions.
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Great Cosmic Power

Start by reading Job 38:1-15

So we’re in Job. And Job is a great book, because Job has issues. Of all the people in the bible, I think we’re closer to Job than a lot of other figures because of what he goes through. Job is either upper middle class, by our standards, or lower upper class. We don’t know a lot about Job, so this is my best guess/estimate of what his life is like. He is very comfortable. Through his life, he’s been able to be comfortable , and he’s had the resources to do things right without having to take short-cuts or find alternative means. He’s had to make sacrifices, or at least I’m assuming that he’s had to, but they haven’t been life or death types of sacrifices. Continue reading Great Cosmic Power